Photo by Sophie Pirlot.

July 12, 2017

By Sophie Pirlot, our Contributor in South Africa and author of the blog Poesy By Sophie.

Heading to the mythic Etosha Park in Namibia is quite surreal. We’re surrounded by a gigantic white and spotless saline desert filled with extraordinary animals. In the middle of this incredible nature, we stop for two nights at the Mushara Bush Camp, an outstanding family-friendly hotel located 8km from the entrance of the park.

In this hotel we sleep under luxurious tents, very confortable and pretty. We are five and sleep in two separate tents, a family of four could stay in one. There are no dangerous animals on the property so the kids are free to run around, play in the old-school play area made of pipes, or cool down in the pool.

The main building is an open air living room/restaurant built with a boho chic decor you could easily see featured on the cover of an interior design magazine. You seat under a large straw roof on a bistrot chair at a long wooden communal table; or in a long chair under a pack of rattan lamps hanging from the ceiling.

The staff is very friendly, and one night I even found my daughters making craft with one of the employees!  During the day, the main activity is to go on a safari, in the search of the Big 5 (elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion and leopard). You can either join the “game drive” organised by the lodge (they let us take our 3.5 year old daughter with us, which was great!); or you can explore with your own car.

Little Voyageurs loves:

❤️ The decor out of a glossy interior design magazine.

❤️ The friendly staff ready to turn into babysitters anytime.

❤️ The kids’ activities organized in the hotel & the convenient on-site  cute playground.

❤️ The family bonding experience of sleeping under a (luxurious) tent.



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