Wake up to the smell of hot chocolate, creamy marshmallows and old-fashioned glazed donuts. Discover Chicago from the inside with a cruise on the river, admire the reflection of the skyline in the Cloud Gate, hop on the Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier and enjoy a panoramic view, or visit the free Lincoln Park Zoo. Enjoy sunbathing on a deck whilst brunching with the kids. Take a peaceful walk or stroll around Lake Michigan on the waterfront promenade. Let your children slide down the Picasso sculpture, dance below Calder’s Flamingo, splash in the Crown Fountain during summer, or walk on the frozen lake in winter. Wander around Millenium Park while listening to jazz or blues and finish the day on top of the Hancock Tower for a drink with a view.

This guide was written by Nathalie Clément Bouteille, in collaboration with local families. Thank you to Aurélie, Sophie, Mélanie, Elodie, Femke, Caroline, Guillaume, Anna, Edouard, Grant, Stéphanie, Katie, Frédéric, Jaimie, Claire and Abigail!

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