Surrealist and understated. Brussels emerges as the new cultural hotspot in Europe, and offers much more than just mussels and fries. 

Make your way towards fascinating Ixelles, indulge into a luxurious cup of hot chocolate, or go sip a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Feel the local bustling Brussels vibe at Place Flagey. Head down to the heart of historic Brussels and get lost in the maze of narrow streets. Let your senses « twinkle and dance » at Maison Dandoy, smell the exhilarating oven-fresh cinnamon biscuits and flavoured gingerbreads. Take the kids to a unique experience at the MIM, or let them run around at the Toy Museum. At lunchtime try a decadent burger at Manhattn’s or at Marcel. Grab some scrumptious pralines, then venture out to some of Brussels’ Parks and relax. Walk around BOZAR’s before you head to diner and end your day with a drink at Saint-Géry. 

(This guide was written by Raheema Khatir, Marie-Pacifique Blanckaert and Sophie Pirlot, in collaboration with insiders.)