We are two young and expatriate French moms who love traveling with our families. Since we were unable to find a unique, complete, reliable, exclusive and consistent source of information to guide us through our family trips, we decided to create our own – Little Voyageurs.

Little Voyageurs is the travel reference for cool parents who travel around the globe with their kids, and are constantly looking for new family-friendly spots, wilderness trips to experience, smart ideas and exclusive tips.

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Charlotte, mother of Céleste 3, and Sanaa 1; left her home country France almost ten years ago to fulfill her passion: reporting about other cultures. She currently lives in Algiers, Algeria.

“My writing journey started when I was twenty-one years old, right out of journalism school in Paris, as an independent reporter in Damascus, Syria. After a couple of years covering the region for several French media outlets and writing guidebooks on Syria and Iran, I moved to Yemen. There I became the correspondent for the International French Radio (RFI), Radio France, The French international channel France 24 and La Croix newspaper.

After two years of reporting mainly on the Arab Spring and meeting my future husband, I decided to leave the troubled region to start a family. I then worked as a freelance trend-spotter for a variety of publications geared towards the French community and parents. Six months after the birth of my first daughter Céleste, I was inspired to create my own online magazine about family travel/ Nomad Bébé.

The idea came after a family excursion in Uruguay, as well as other local adventures. I faced the lack of inviting, reliable, and informative websites for parents who like to travel in a hip and easy way with their children. With a wealth of previous experiences writing guidebooks for Le Petit Futé, the leading French travel book company in the Middle East, I decided to create my own travel books geared to families.

A year after the launch of my site, I met a like-minded mom in Miami, Marie Pacifique, who fell in love with the concept of Nomad Bébé. Together we decided to rebrand the site to make it ours, enrich it and expand the City Guides; Little Voyageurs was born.” Charlotte@littlevoyageurs.com

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Marie-Pacifique, mother of Balthazar, 5 and Achille, 2 and a half, put her advertising career in Paris on hold to follow her husband to live in Miami for a couple of years. Since September 2017, she and her family are back to Paris.

“Traveling has always been part of my life. When I was a child, my father took us with him on amazing trips across the globe: boating down the Colorado River, trekking through the Sahara, going on a safari in Tanzania, horse riding in Wyoming, exploring the area surrounding Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, getting to know the Kuna Indians in Panama, visiting the vibrant cities of New York, Saint-Petersburg, Athens, Istanbul, London and so many others magical places….

My dad gave me his passion for traveling. And traveling has ignited my curiosity and opened my mind to the world and to others. Today, I feel it is my turn to share this passion with my kids. My husband and I have always shared the same point of view: even with (young) children, we would keep traveling, making no compromise on hotels, restaurants and activities and having as much enjoyment as they would. That’s exactly what we did while living abroad with our 2 young boys: we took them « on the road » in California; we visited New York, Chicago, Boston, Mexico City. We discovered the elegant Cape Cod. All together, we chilled out in Tulum and Cartagena.

It took us time to find the right spots. We realized the best places are the ones shared by insiders, people who actually live there and know better than anyone else where to go and what to do with children. And this is precisely the purpose of Little Voyageurs: to offer a keen and exclusive content to young parents, based on inspiring and influencing insiders who share with us their favorite places, their tips and their stories.” Mariepacifique@littlevoyageurs.com



Sophie, mother of 3 girls: Aliénor, 10, Colombine, 8 and Aprilia, 4. Left Belgium, her home country, 5 years ago to follow her husband to South Africa. Author of the blog Poesy By Sophie.

“Since I met my husband, we always wanted to live abroad and offer this wonderful experience to our family. After working as trade mark lawyers for 10 years in Belgium, we had the opportunity to leave for Johannesburg, South Africa, with our 3 daughters (the youngest was only 2 months!).

For the travel-passionate like us South Africa is an amazing destination. This country is so beautiful with so many things to see that it is a never-ending discovery. And what can I say about the border countries – Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia…. !

South Africa is a very kid-friendly country but I spent hundreds of hours on the Internet looking for the little gems; the exclusive and charming places with the perfect family room, a high level of service, nice activities for all ages and a relaxed atmosphere.

I think a website like Little Voyageurs is a really helpful source of perfect addresses for parents who like to travel with their little ones without making any compromises on their expectations and I’m very happy to be part of this great adventure.”


Paulina Ślósarczyk, mom of Marcelina and Joachim, is based in Poland where she was born. She is a talented wedding photographer who also runs a gorgeous Traveling and lifestyle blog On The Way Family.

“Ever since I can remember I have been traveling. When I was in a primary school I loved reading catalogs and planning a holidays for my family. I dreamt about getting lost in faraway lands and learning about other cultures. A least I graduated studies on field Tourism and Recreation.

My blog On The Way Family is a wonderful way for me to connect many of my passions: travel, photography, design and fashion and where I share my point of view – family first!

Our main mission is over it, to demonstrate that travelling with children is possible and can be fantastic adventure. We are so excited – me and my husband – that we can be an inspiration for other families!”



 Yifat Chiat, mom of Ben 13 and Lia 11, was born in Israel, and has been living in Brussels for the last 15 years. She has her native country at heart, and spends a lot of time there every year. She founded Maison Jiyuu, a small label specialized ALL IN oversized bags in strong cotton or leather, for the busy parents of today.

“My three biggest passions are: my kids, traveling and designing. After my studies (architecture, fashion design and textile), and the arrival of my children, I decided to create in Brussels a space dedicated to parents and their small children called « Bamba & Co ». For 8 wonderful years this space welcomed many families, most of them expats, and offered them a melting pot of activities, ideas and a place to meet. 

With my children growing up, my eager for creating and designing got bigger, and I launched Maison Jiyuu with the man beside me. We produce our bags in Portugal. On our Instagram page I try to share different aspects and ideas of simple living, through everyday life and during our travels. 

I love traveling with my kids. It is a great way for bonding, sharing amazing moments, and get away from the hectic every day life. When I travel I always try to find these special places that are out of the ordinary.”



Valerie is a Swiss native, restless explorer, nature and yoga lover and happy mum of 2 girls, Nina 5 and Zoe 2. She spent and worked approximately 13 years as an aid worker in Africa, Middle East, Central and Southeast Asia before recycling herself into teaching French, to kids and adult.

“I’ve been moving from one country to another, following my husband’s job for the past 5 years. We are now the Philippines after few years in Cambodia and Scotland. My kids have mainly known sort of a nomadic life, growing up in Asia with a tropical climate walking barefoot and wearing a light dress everyday, drinking fresh coconut juice..and being never too far from a palm tree!!! 

I am looking for places that are out of the ordinary, family-friendly, nature lovers, new concepts, places or products..and  really love sharing my discoveries with others. I decided to use, eat, consume, wear, buy, promote, and discover ‘LOCAL’. As much as I like to travel, I deeply believe in sustainability and I am happy to contribute to it my own way.”

Cecilia Vermeulen


Cecilia, mom of Nikita 7, Gaïa 4 and Stanislas, 3, moved to Shanghai with her husband four years ago. She shares her local life on a Facebook page called The Rooster on the Dragon’s Back.

When my husband and I got married, we promised each other two things: to try the expat life and to have kids. Five years after this meaningful wish, we got the opportunity to move to Shanghai and we said YES immediately. We left on December 31st 2013 with our two daughters and a little surprise guest in my belly!

The past four years in China have been truly mind-blowing. This country amazes us by its gigantism, its colors, and culture. We go on trips very often, and had to adapt to a new way of travelling. We exchanged our backpacks for baby carriers and familial suites for nights under the sky. In Asia, you are constantly amazed and kids are warmly welcomed. Their smile is our best passport.”

Julie Wouters


Julie, mom of Lola 13, Liam 11, Milo 9 and Billie 3, moved to India to follow her husband’s new job in Bangalore. She studied business and worked for years in the fashion industry, but traveling is what really makes her happy. Shortly after moving to India, she launched a blog – www.familytripinindia.com  – to share her surprising and kid-friendly finds in her adoptive country.

“My husband and I both fell in love with traveling twenty years ago while touring the world with a back pack, a tiny budget and a blog to run (already) . When we started having kids, we did not stop traveling. We wanted to get them used to exploring very young and took them several times to Morocco, Thailand and Indonesia.

We love to unearth exceptional spots. We look for secret places if possible untouched by mass tourism, welcoming and creative hosts, and of course family-friendly. Discover beautiful, authentic and rare addresses in India on my blog and of course on Little Voyageurs.”



Nathalie, mother of twin boys, Antoine and Louis, 6 years old and Marie, almost 4 years old, used to work in the cosmetics industry for 10 years in France, in marketing and human resources. She followed her husband to the US 2 years ago and decided to make a fresh start as a travel blogger and freelance journalist.

My personality has always been about curiosity – looking around, observing things and people, discovering new places, gathering information, looking for unusual addresses, wandering, strolling…

Since I’m a mom and, especially living abroad, I travel a lot with my family (two road-trips per year and many day-trips around the Chicago area) and I really have a desire to share my hidden gems with other families who want to discover the world with their children without constraints, only pleasure and fun.

I am delighted to contribute to Little Voyageurs!”



Florence is a mother of three kids born in three different countries: Noé (in Paris), Victor (in New York) and Camille (in Montreal). She has been living in North America for almost 10 years.

“I moved to New York when my first kid was only 5 months old. So I experienced first hand how precious it was to get to know authentic family-friendly places, recommended and adopted by locals. I absolutely loved my experience in Brooklyn, with its amazing playgrounds, various mom-and-baby classes, and free happenings in the park, not to mention kid-friendly restaurants and one-of-a-kind boutiques. All these little gems changed my day-to-day life and made it so much more enjoyable.

“That’s the reason why, when I moved to Montreal, I decided to make a fresh start as a free-lance journalist and a travel writer. Two years after my arrival, I published a travel guide “Discovering Montreal for families” with Globekid publishing house. I was also a key contributor on www.minibulles.ca, a website providing tons of hidden addresses and secret places to enjoy Montreal to its fullest. Weather conditions can be extreme in Canada, but most places are actually extremely heart warming and kid friendly. I love discovering with my family the different colourful cities of Canada and most of all its amazing natural sites, and I look forward to share my next experiences and best tips with you on www.littlevoyageurs.com.”